Pearl Plaza


To make “Pearl Plaza” a major attraction for target groups of the audience.


Creating a network of communities with special atmosphere where emotions and pleasure are given away.


Before the campaign launch sites functioned as boring advertising and news feed, and users’ interest came to hundreds of questions about one or another shop opening, as well as a continuous flow of complaints.

We analysed a great number of users’ comments, explored their main habits and worked out a strategy that consisted of 70 sheets, contained detailed characteristics of the audience, training plans, language stylistics description, ways and phases of the community construction.

For every community we developed its own architecture that fitted with technical requirements of the platforms and needs of the shopping centre visitors. Thanks to convenient navigation and constant support communities are completely free-running and users don’t have to look for information in other sources. Audience activity increased by 350% during the first five months of work.

Social media management strategy is integrated with the overall marketing strategy of the shopping centre which allowed to reduce costs of channels promotion. During the campaign period increase in the level of subscribers’ engagement amounted to more than 900% owing to the content only.

We created and visualized various nonconventional series of postings. Thus, the unique promotion campaign “20 summer tips from “Pearl Plaza” for “Special offers booklet” from leaseholders evoked 1000 likes and reposts.

Design of the communities is changed 4 times a year according to seasons as well as for special promotion actions and sales in the shopping centre. We worked out visual design patterns for various types of content which allowed to create recognizable style of “Pearl Plaza”.

We turned our efforts to stimulating user-generated content which helped to get more than 2500 postings with the tag on Instagram just in the first six months of work.

Oh, right and we were the first who started stimulating taking selfies in WCs. Hundreds of photos! Now we’re well acquainted with our clients, like never before. This is real success.

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Pearl Plaza
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activity level growth
27 000
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