Promotion of the snacks “TUC” product line.


Presentation of the brand with an application — virtual video show “Hunger”.


During 5 days 15 participants of the show stayed in a room equipped with online cameras. They got various tasks from users of the application “Games with hunger”. For example, participants were offered to pack themselves in a suitcase, to drink a packet of juice without the help of hands or to hold fifty pickled tomatoes simultaneously.

One of the characters was, in fact, “Hunger”. It appeared at the most inappropriate moment, preventing participants from completing the tasks. While the task was being completed the audience could vote and “Throw TUC” thus making short work of Hunger or choose option “Not to throw TUC” and continue watching Hunger hindering the participants of the show.

Suggested game mechanics proved to be super effective in terms of users’ involvement: on average every user saw more than 70% of the application pages, more than 80% of users took part in the vote for other users’ tasks, every fifth user sent their own task and every sixth was fighting Hunger by throwing TUC.

High user activity caused application popularity growth: during the campaign application “Games with hunger” was in the top 150 most popular applications on VK and was one of the most quickly spreading commercial applications (according to Appdata rating).

VK community
VK application
150 000
subscribers in the official community
1 show
interactive virtual show “hunger”
viral effect exceeded expectations by this number

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