What we do

  1. Community

    Community management strategy
    We work out a custom-tailored strategy paying attention to every detail. Project planning is done in the framework of the general marketing strategy thus naturally complementing it.
    Content management
    Unique content management rules! We’re ready to repeat this again and again. Our lion cubs find such words and ideas that they can stir up the stillest waters. We choose only true methods of working with the audience and get the most real engagement.
    Architecture and visualization
    Architecture is functionality and convenience. We stick to this principle when creating and reorganizing communities keeping recognizable and well-balanced visual representation in mind.
  2. Monitoring
    and analytics

    Opinion monitoring
    Your reputation is our reputation. Many years’ experience in working with opinions in the web lets us solve the most complicated tasks on improving your brand image successfully.
    Audience behavior analytics
    One of our advantages is that we carry out a detailed analysis and systematic explicit PM reporting. We use state-of-the-art tools and our own software for audience behavior tracking.
    Social CRM
    To conduct promotional events we created our own social CRM — a tool for interaction with the audience groups. GoCRM implementation is a most important step in increasing KPI and competition projects conversion.
  3. Promotion
    in social media

    Competitions and campaigns
    UGC stimulation is one of the most important tasks that we always solve while working on our projects. Effectiveness of interactive competitions and social media campaigns increases thanks to online and offline channels synergy.
    Promotion applications
    Opportunities for promotion in social networks get almost infinite thanks to applications for social networks and mobile devices. In-house software development department helps us to create promotion games of any complexity.
    Package promotion campaigns
    We know about synergy firsthand and that’s why we recommend and practise package projects only where every component is a hundred per cent efficient every day.
  4. Integrated

    Digital Marketing
    We create wow-campaigns using the most modern approaches and future technologies constantly raising the bar. Forget about outdated marketing, only breakthrough Digital is efficient nowadays!
    Digital Out Of Home
    Daring decisions and cutting edge technologies are our credo. That’s why we were the first in Russia who started implementing campaigns assisted by iBeacons, Leap Motion, Oculus Rift and other systems you haven’t even heard of. We sincerely want our clients to be one step ahead of the market.
    Games for adults have always been popular. We invent and adjust them to business needs. No dirty tricks, only truly engaging game campaigns.

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